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Things Your Hospital Bag Should Have


As with life, having a baby is also full of surprises. Even if the baby is not expected until he completes his term, it wouldn’t hurt to have a hospital bag ready. It should be packed as early as the seventh month especially for those who are having a difficult pregnancy. Here’s a list I compiled of what you should bring to the hospital. This of course is based on the usual Philippine climate which is tropical, and on a 3-4 day stay in the hospital.


2 pairs Long-sleeved tie-sides — you won’t need this much because the baby will be swaddled anyways so he won’t be cold, but bring along some, just in case
3-5 pairs Short-sleeved tie-sides — this I think is the best choice to clothe baby in, not too hot nor too cold. You can hold him even with no blanket on and won’t have to worry he’ll be cold.

1 flannel blanket — for extra warmth in case needed.
3 swaddling blankets
2 pairs booties
3 pairs mittens
3 pairs pajamas
5 pcs burp cloths - a good old lampin would suffice
For his toiletries:

70% alcohol - for cleaning his cord stump, and for disinfecting your handscotton

baby wipes - or just just cotton balls and water
baby oil - a warming baby oil is nice, but i prefer the one with lavander essence
baby wash - pick one that has a no-tears formula and very mild.
Don’t bother bringing baby powder. Although baby would smell better with powder, it is not encouraged anymore because the baby might inhale the powder’s fine particles.

a change of clothes plus extra underwear — for going home

a nursing top - a hospital gown wasn’t designed with breasfeeding moms in mind

your toiletries, especially a feminine wash

your bag which should contain all the necessary stuff like
wallet with money -plastic or real-
plus Identification Cards
prenatal book
health card and other pertinent documents

Maternity pads or overnight heavy duty napkins

abdominal binder - if you’re staying in PGH (Philippine General Hospital) I suggest you get
the one being sold by the manangs changing the beddings or mopping the floor. It’s made of
cheesecloth and not as bulky as the blue.

These are only the basic stuff you’ll be needing. These are what I brought with me to the hospital the last time. If you think I missed something or you have a must-bring that I didn’t list here, please do share it by commenting.

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